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Give your child a holistic, values-based education at an expansive green campus that promotes a balanced curriculum.



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Internationally Recognised Curricula

A wide range of Academic Programmes at GIIS

One of the most awarded campuses of GlIS, our East Coast campus offers a choice of International and Indian curricula from Kindergarten to Grade 10.

GMP-cover-Dec-14-2020-04-29-48-42-PMGlobal Montessori Plus for Kindergarten

(ages 2.5 - 5)

Our GMP programme is inspired by the famous Montessori method and incorporates Montessori techniques combined with best practices in modern preschool education. Children are encouraged to explore their curiosity in a safe environment by our dedicated kindergarten teachers and your child will develop their sense of self, as well as their expressive language, cognitive and motor skills.

primary-coverIB PYP and CBSE for Primary School

(ages 5-11)

By following a holistic approach, we focus on both academic excellence and your child’s overall development and happiness at school. So, whether you choose the inquiry-led IB PYP or the rigorous CBSE, you can rest assured that your child will receive a well-rounded education and a strong foundation for secondary school.

secondary-coverIGCSE and CBSE for Secondary School

(ages 11-16)

Transitioning to secondary school can be daunting for some. With our guidance and support, your secondary student will feel at home at GIIS, in an International or Indian curriculum. Whether your child plans on taking up the reputed IGCSE or continuing with the strong academic foundation of the CSBE, he/she will be able to explore their academic and non-academic interests and be prepared for university.


Give your Child a Competitive Edge in a Globalised World

With an outstanding team of qualified educators, a choice of International and Indian curricula, abundant extracurricular and co-curricular activities, we don’t just prepare students for university. We prepare your child for a successful life as a global, responsible citizen.


Outstanding Results in IGCSE & CBSE

Our students have consistently performed well in the IGCSE and CBSE programmes at our East Coast campus over the years.
With 84% of our students receiving an A* or A in the recent Cambridge IGCSE exams and 100% of the cohort receiving the Cambridge International Certificate in Education distinction/merit qualifications, we have one of the best success rates for the IGCSE among international schools in Singapore. With a school average of 86% for our CBSE Grade 10 cohort, we’ve had several students in every batch top-scoring with 98% and above. 

Highly Experienced Teachers

We have a strong team of experienced teachers who are highly qualified, caring and responsive to the individual needs of a child. Over 50% of the teachers at East Coast campus have been at the school for more than 5 years and over 10% for more than 10 years. Our teachers work with students to build their critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. They also offer dedicated support in a positive, nurturing environment, so your child can safely take risks, innovate, learn new skills and feel valued.


Extensive Sports Facilities

The GIIS East Coast campus was Singapore’s first sports school, in the past, and has impressive sports infrastructure. Comprising tennis courts, a football field, cricket pitches and practising nets, a synthetic athletic track along with a massive stadium, students at our East campus have many choices for sports activities and it is a sports enthusiast’s dream come true. Our experienced sports coaches encourage students to participate in sports and hone their talents in such expansive sports facilities.


4 Different Scholarships Offering Up To 80% Relief on Tuition Fee


Merit-cum-Means Scholarships Available for all Grades

GIIS offers an array of merit scholarships along with scholarships to support students from financially weak backgrounds with aspirations to pursue quality education.


Here are more reasons for you to choose GIIS’ East Coast Campus


All-round skill development

Students at our East Coast campus benefit from a strong focus on skill development and the latest classroom technology. With digital classrooms and dedicated skill-based studios for dance & music, speech & drama, design and technology, art and yoga, audio-visual rooms and a spacious modern auditorium, students are empowered to nurture their talents and pursue their interests. Students also get to choose from about 40 Extracurricular and Co-curricular (ECA and CCA) options, that are inclusive of the tuition fees.

Future-ready 21st Century Learning

Your child will get a balanced education at GIIS with many co-curricular and extracurricular activities as part of the school day, literary and performing arts events, entrepreneurship, robotics and coding bootcamps and more. Our students build their leadership, communication, collaboration and innovation skills through day-to-day group activities and external competitions to become confident global citizens who can take on any challenge that they face.


Global Presence and International Exposure

With a global presence of 16 campuses across 9 different countries, students can participate in international competitions, workshops and events that foster cultural awareness and international mindedness.
Through regular interactive co-learning experiences and educational seminars with industry experts, your child gains a hands-on international perspective as a global citizen.


Learn More About Your Child’s Exciting Learning Opportunities at GIIS

“The school gives adequate space for the development of the child”

- Dr Chinnadurai A.

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