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Give your child a holistic, value-based education in Singapore’s top-ranked (IBDP Top 50 in the world) yet moderately priced international school.

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GIIS is the only moderately priced IBDP school in Singapore with

Exemplary Results, Experienced Teachers & Highly Affordable IBDP Education

Expertise in offering an advanced programme like IBDP for more than 15 years, makes GIIS a preferred choice for students looking to excel in this curriculum.


Record Breaking results by IBDP 2021 cohort!

GIIS IBDP average score consistently surpasses the world and Singapore averages. GIIS students made history this year with the emergence of 14 World Toppers (scoring 45/45) and 9 Near Perfect Scorers (scoring 44/45). The school has achieved an impressive 31 world toppers and 37 near perfect scorers till date and has featured in ‘top 50 Global IB Schools twice in a row by Education Advisers Ltd, an independent UK agency.” 

Qualified Educators and World Class Teaching Standards

Quality of teaching plays an important role in IBDP performance. 75% of GIIS teachers have over five years of IBDP experience, 100% of them are IB trained and 60% are IB examiners, which requires stringent selection criteria and extensive training. The committed teachers relentlessly offer one-on-one guidance in all aspects of IBDP like Extended Essay & Theory of Knowledge, that need strategic inputs.


Most Affordable IB School in Singapore

GIIS is the only international school in Singapore that offers an advanced programme like IBDP at a moderate fee. The fee at GIIS is 40% lower than other international schools, making it extremely affordable for students from various financial spectrums to pursue this world-recognised programme in Asia’s first smart campus. In an affordable fee, students receive high-quality education in a versatile learning environment. 


Multifaceted Learning, Top University Placements & Wide Array of Scholarships


Nextgen Facilities to Empower Students with 21st Century Skills

A versatile learning environment is a prerequisite for an advanced course like IBDP and the smart and innovative learning facilities like digital classrooms, dedicated spaces for collaboration, seminar halls, skill-based studios like Culinary Lab, Radio & TV Studio, Design & Tech Lab, provide just the right platform for students to explore and develop new skills.

High Acceptance in Top Universities

More than 80% of IBDP students at GIIS get placed in world’s leading universities like University of Cambridge, Oxford and Brown. A dedicated career counsellor offers complete guidance in creating personal statements and university applications. Events like career fairs & university information sessions offer advanced information to students, leading to a high success rate of university applications. 


Financial Assistance through Scholarships

An array of merit and means scholarships offer up to 80% relief on the tuition fee, making the IB Diploma Programme even more affordable. Scholarships at GIIS recognise not only excellence in the field of academics but also extra curricular activities. Apart from providing financial support, scholarships also enrich the personal profile of the students and give them an edge during university applications.


About IB Diploma Programme

IBDP is a high school programme, managed by International Baccalaureate Organisation, that boasts of a holistic approach to prepare students well for university life. The globally recognised course provides balanced exposure to academics and personality development, and also a better understanding of the world.

The two-year rigorous pre-university course is made up of six subject groups, and three core diploma components - Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay and Creativity-Action-Service (CAS).

Discover how your child can grow at GIIS


In this interview with IB Topper 2020 Shivani Welling talks about her journey to success. Having scored a perfect score of 45 Shivani emerged as one of the 3 World Toppers in the 2020 Cohort.