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The Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus is one of the most technologically advanced school campuses in Singapore, and possibly the region.

At GIIS SMART Campus, the student-centered pedagogy meets a digitally powered learning environment to create a whole new educational experience. The sprawling new GIIS SMART campus gives facilities like ultra-modern classrooms, more than 40 new skill-based labs and studios, teaching everything from Robotics to Culinary skills, indoor sports fields with data analytics technology, and safety features like facial recognition for students.

We focus on the holistic development of students, which combines a rigorous focus on academics alongside an equally strong emphasis on skills. Together this equips students to thrive as global citizens and leaders. Our balanced approach centers around three pillars:

  • Choice of international curricula combined with outstanding results
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Culture of international-mindedness

International Curriculum at GIIS SMART Campus

At GIIS SMART Campus, students would have the opportunity to study international curriculum right from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Global Montessori Plus Programme for kindergarteners, IB Primary Years Programme for classes 1 to 5, Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme for classes 6 to 8, Cambridge IGCSE for Classes 9 and 10, IBDP for Classes 11 and 12.


Pillars of new GIIS

Choice of International Curricula


We offer our students with options on what and how they want to study. Our multiple and diverse curricula empower students to make the right choices and be in control of their learning journey.

At GIIS, a student can choose from multiple curricula like IB PYP, CLSP, IGCSE, IB DP and the Global Montessori Plus Programme (GMP). With the option of changing curricula at any stage, students can select the academic programme that best aligns with their learning needs and aspirations.

Outstanding Academic Results


In the last 10 years, GIIS has produced 13 IB world toppers (perfect scorers of 45 points) and 19 near perfect scorers (who scored 44 points) in the coveted diploma programme. Students securing 40 points and above has exponentially grown from 3 in 2009 to 39 in 2018.

In 2018 IGCSE results too recorded outstanding performance of the students. 100% of students secured distinction in Information and Computer education. The entire batch scored above A in mathematics and 11 students secured A* in all the subjects.

Culture of International-Mindedness


International-mindedness is our guiding philosophy and as a school, we instill in our students respect for cultural diversity.

The school has students from 40 different nationalities studying in the premises which accounts for much diversity in one place. The school holds a number of cultural activities, provides a variety of cuisines to make the campus feel as one big family.


Discover world class education at GIIS SMART Campus

Our flagship SMART Campus at Punggol is designed for NextGen learning, to provide an optimal environment for students to reach their highest potential. Widely regarded as amongst the best international school campuses in Asia, we provide facilities that are unique to an international school.

The campus is connected digitally through web-based learning environments like Virtual Classrooms which come with wifi-enabled smartboards, projection cameras, great sound system and personal devices like iPads. These facilities encourage and enable our students to engage with peers and educators from across the globe and expand their horizons.

+40 skills-based labs & studios


More than 40 skills-based labs and studios are a unique feature which are designed to hone skills in students.

Facilities range from TV and Radio Stations to Culinary labs, where students can fine-tune their talents.

Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics 


The Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System, or SPEDAS, is employed at our indoor basketball court where sensors connect to cameras on the court to map each and every move of the player.

Post-match, data collected from these devices allow our athletes to help identify the strengths and weaknesses in their technique and game strategy. 

Facial recognition & other safety & security features


Students deserve to feel safe in their learning environment.

We have multiple levels of safety in place with features like Facial Recognition devices for access control, 600 CCTV cameras, on-campus movement monitoring system, alongside traditional security guards and gates to fortify our school.


Our admission counsellors will reach out to you

Enrol and get $1500 off on Registration Fee (Grade 1 to 12).

1. Holistic 9GEMS Pedagogy
Over and above academic excellence, our award-winning 9GEMS framework also promotes values like discipline, creativity, sportsmanship, and respect – many based on universally admired teachings. 

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2. Moderate Fees
Quality education is the birthright of every child. This is why we have steadfastly kept our fees moderate while offering best-in-class teachers, facilities and methodologies.

3. Scholarships
GIIS has a range of scholarships in many categories to give a helping hand to our deserving students to excel in their chosen field.


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