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Provide the right stepping stone to children into the world of international education with the excellent preschool programme which focuses on physical, cognitive and social-emotional development in a fun-loving environment. Students can master literacy and numeracy skills and get ready for structured learning at the primary school level. 


Avail Limited period offer of 20% reduction in monthly preschool fee.



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Well-structured curriculum, Passionate Teachers and Child-Centric Infrastructure


Award-winning Preschool Curriculum with a ‘Plus’

The Global Montessori Plus Programme has won accolades for its structured approach towards offering a firm foundation to preschoolers. The Programme offers a blend of the reputed Montessori approach and the best modern preschool educational practices. The ‘plus’ in the curriculum features the 5 core pillars that support and enhance the Montessori structure.


Excellent Second Language Options

There is no better time and age to learn a new language than the preschool and that’s why we offer a choice of four second languages to our students, who can choose from Hindi, Tamil, French or Mandarin. Apart from honing reading, writing and speaking skills in English, the child will also start learning a second language and become bilingual at an early age.

Outstanding facilities for early years’ development

The kindergarten at GIIS offers a conducive physical and emotional environment where children thrive and explore freely, make connections with the outside world and discover new things. Dedicated play-based learning facilities like sand pit, water play, indoor and outdoor play area, toy library in each class, materials for role-based play, Montessori tools, help preschoolers hone their creativity and allow them to gain meaningful learning experiences.


Committed Teachers that are Skilled in Early Childhood Education

Our early childhood educators are highly experienced and possess specialised skills that are required to teach children between 3 to 5 years old. Through creative ways they keep the preschoolers engaged and make learning a fun experience for them. Passionate about teaching, they encourage each child to explore his or her curiosity in a safe environment and develop their sense of self, power to express as well as cognitive and motor skills.

Communication with Parents as Integral to Child's development



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Teachers work in close coordination with parents to achieve all-round development. They send weekly communication to the parents, informing them about the activities held at school, along with pictures and details of what the child is learning at school, so that parents are well-informed. Parents can share their perspective and are free to book teacher’s time for any detailed feedback or discussion regarding their child’s development.

A Powerful Curriculum for Growing Years

The Global Montessori Plus Programme takes the best principles from Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Early Years Foundation of United Kingdom, California Preschool Curriculum of the United States and other established preschool curricula



Accelerate learning

Focuses on the development of language and maths skills. Students can write coherent sentences, read with confidence and display basic numeracy skills. Emphasis is on learning through play and developing spirit of inquiry.


Multi-faceted learning

Theme-based learning nurtures inherent personality traits by addressing all eight intellectual capacities of the brain. Experienced teachers give focused attention to students which are numbered 12 to a class.

GIIS_GMP_5Pillars-03 iCare

It sensitises students towards environment and community. From compost-making and planting trees to organising charity food drives, students participate in activities that call for interaction with the environment or community.



Focuses on engaging students in different styles of play - structured, free, parallel, solitary and pretend play. Students explore things on their own, follow instructions, take-on responsibilities, collaborate and develop social skills.



STEAM activities encourage critical and innovative thinking. Students solve puzzles online, watch educational videos using age-appropriate technology under teacher’s supervision.

“In his two-year association with GIIS, my son has developed curiosity and explores new ideas. His confidence has grown. Thanks to the efforts by teachers who give attention to individual students and prepare them well for primary school”.


Mother of Darsh Suri, Kindergarten



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Discover how your child can grow at GIIS

Avail Limited period offer of 20% reduction in monthly preschool fee.




Outstanding Results 

Our students’ exemplary academic performance, scores, and notable placements further attest to the commitment to quality that has guided our growth over the past decade.


Moderate Fee 

The preschool fee at GIIS is up to 40% lower than other international preschools in Singapore. Within an affordable fee, our preschoolers enjoy the best possible learning environment like age-appropriate technology, small class size, strong safety network, efficient transport and top of the class teachers.