1. What is the GIIS Referral Programme?
    The GIIS Referral Programme is a platform to thank GIIS parents for introducing new students to the GIIS family. 
  2. Who can refer?
    Any GIIS existing parent can refer. 
  3. Who can be referred?
    Anyone who is looking for a school in Singapore.

  4. How do I know that I have referred correctly?
    The Admissions Team will validate the contact referred. Any contact who has already paid up the Registration Fee will not be considered as a valid contact.

  5. How much is the reward money?
    The reward is SGD 1000 for every new admission you refer.

  6. What are the benefits for the party who is being referred?

    Registration fee of SGD 500 for Grade 1 to10 and SGD 1000 for Grade 11& 12.

  7. When will I come to know that I am eligible for the reward?
    You will receive an automated email from GIIS, confirming your referral.

  8. How long will it take to receive the reward?
    You will receive your reward 1month after the referred student has paid up the Term Fee.

  9. How do I track the progress of my contact?
    ● When your referred contact qualifies as a valid contact
    ● When your referred contact completes the registration and pays the fee; and the child joins the school

  10. How to refer?
    Please fill the form by clicking here.

  11. When to refer?
    Our Referral Programme is active throughout the year. Whenever you come across someone who is considering GIIS for their ward, do refer them through this link.

  12. How many to refer?
    As many as you can!

Terms and Conditions

  • Use the provided link to start the referral process. Reference by any other method will not be accepted.
  • Every referred contact must qualify as a valid contact for the referral procedure to begin. The school has the complete discretion to determine the validity of a contact.
  • Payment for the referral reward would only be initiated only after the referred student has completed the admission formalities.
  • The Referral Programme is not applicable to students with siblings currently studying in GIIS.
  • The referral reward cannot be combined with any other discounts and promotions.
  • You can claim your referral reward within a year of your successful referral.
  • GIIS Admissions Team is the sole authority to counsel and brief the referred parents on school-related information. Information obtained by the referred party from any other source will not be considered authentic.
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