Moving to Singapore and Looking for a High-Quality International school?


With 6 different international curricula and a SMART Campus to enhance your child’s learning experience, GIIS is the global school of the future.

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International and Indian Curriculum Options for Diverse Learning Pathways

At GIIS, we combine hands-on, modern teaching methods and value-based education. Our well-equipped, positive and enriching school environment has been specifically designed to enhance and deepen your child’s learning experiences. 

And even if your child joins mid-term, our Bridge Programme gives them the one-on-one support they need to quickly catch up with their peers and settle in more easily.

GMP-cover-Dec-14-2020-04-29-48-42-PMGlobal Montessori Plus for Kindergarten

(ages 2.5-4)

Our GMP programme is inspired by the famous Montessori method and is based on recent research and best practices in preschool education. Our qualified teachers encourage children to explore their curiosity in a safe environment and develop their sense of self, as well as their expressive language, cognitive and motor skills.

primary-coverIB PYP and CBSE for Primary School

(ages 5-11)

By following a holistic approach, we focus on both academic excellence and your child’s overall development and happiness at school. So, whether you choose the inquiry-led IB PYP or the rigorous CBSE, you can rest assured that they will receive a well-rounded education and a strong foundation for secondary school.

secondary-coverCLSP, IGCSE, IBDP and CSBE for Secondary School

(ages 12-18)

Transitioning into an international or Indian curriculum after primary school is simple with an all-through K-12 school like GIIS. Whether your child plans on pursuing the IGCSE and the IB Diploma or continuing with the CSBE, both streams allow students to explore their academic and non-academic interests in depth and get fully prepared for university.


How We Give your Child a Competitive Edge in a Globalised World 

With 6 different international curriculum options, an outstanding team of qualified educators and a high-end campus to match the quality of education we deliver, we don’t just prepare students for university. We prepare your child for a successful life as a global, responsible citizen.

“I wanted my child to be an all-rounder and not focus only on academics”

“GIIS doesn’t make me feel it’s my kids’ school, it makes me feel it is our school”


GIIS Students Have Everything they Could Ever Wish for in a Modern School

Here are a few reasons why parents have chosen GIIS for their child’s global education and holistic development:


Internationally Recognised Curricula

At GIIS, your child has both international and Indian curriculum options to choose from. This makes it easier to ensure curriculum continuity for globally mobile families.

At the same time, it also provides more options and flexibility when choosing an academic path so that your child’s curriculum is in perfect alignment with their unique needs, goals and aspirations.

Smart and Innovative Learning Environment

Our SMART Campus was designed to provide rich and engaging educational experiences, offering everything students need for holistic growth.

From our modern radio, TV production and culinary arts studios to our impressive infrastructure, well-equipped facilities and modern collaborative learning spaces, your child will be in a safe and interconnected environment.


Qualified Educators and World-Class Teaching Standards

Our educators are highly qualified, experienced, caring and responsive to the individual needs of a child.

Using the most effective teaching methods, our teachers cultivate initiative, critical thinking and self-expression. They also offer dedicated support in a positive, nurturing environment, so your child can safely take risks, learn new skills and feel valued.

Safe and premium quality boarding facilities

Students from overseas are offered a secure boarding facility, that has a caring and structured environment, in collaboration with Oldham Hall.

With a community of over 250 boarders from over 15 countries and 35 dedicated staff, your child will have access to good study and recreational facilities, pastoral care, a family atmosphere and after-school and weekend activities.

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“The most fabulous part of the school is the teachers”

manjusha Ms Manjusha K.

The most fabulous part of the school is the teachers. They are so friendly that every morning I just tell my daughter “get up, you have to go to school” and she’s ready to go to school. School is never boring or an issue for her. She’s excited and very happy with the school. The bond that happens between students and teachers is so beautiful.

IB Diploma 2023 Results


5 World toppers and Near-perfect scorers


School average: 35.9/45

CBSE 12 2023 Results


Highest Score: 97.4%


School average 85.1%


Outstanding Results in IB, IGCSE and CBSE

Our high academic success rates would not be possible without our integrated approach to learning, as well as the individual attention and guidance students get from their dedicated teachers and career counsellors.

With 500+ awards for the consistently high quality of education we deliver, our graduates secure placements in some of the world’s most prestigious universities, such as Oxford, UCLA, Cambridge and Berkeley.

Global Presence and International Exposure

With 64 campuses in 11 countries around the world, GIIS students can transfer to another global GIIS campus easily, to continue their education.

Through our interactive co-learning experiences, international competitions, workshops and educational seminars with industry experts, your child gains a hands-on perspective as a global citizen, as well as a deeper sense of cultural awareness and international mindedness.


Integrated and Dynamic Educational Framework

9GEMS™ is our proprietary framework for fostering growth in academics, sports, arts and personal development. We impart universal values and nurture your child’s interests and strengths, so they can reach their fullest potential.

By harnessing the power of data to track and analyse student performance, your child will have a fully personalised development plan. That way, they can achieve academic rigour, gain a global perspective and acquire a well-rounded education unlike any other.

Engaging Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

Your child’s physical, social and emotional growth continues outside the classroom with a rich variety of engaging CCAs and ECAs, as part of our 9GEMS™ framework for holistic education.

Students have equal opportunities to explore their passions and discover new interests in the arts, sciences and sports. As a result, academics and extracurricular activities are perfectly balanced for optimal development.


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Why families relocating to Singapore prefer GIIS

pornima-parent Ms Poornima G.

I like that GIIS incorporates both Montessori and the kindergarten pattern together so kids have the advantage of both worlds. 

As soon as my daughter joined GIIS, the teachers made her very comfortable. They are very understanding, cater to even the smallest needs of the child and have done a great job at teaching kids about how to be socially responsible. 

Getting a child enrolled in an international school is never an easy task. 

But, the admission counsellors at GIIS helped me to expedite the entire admission process, making the transition very smooth. 

I strongly believe that this school is the best platform where my daughter will be able to express her creativity.

Dr-Chinnadurai-AmuthaMs Smriti

noellaMs Noella M.

We’ve been amazed at how the school is just growing from strength to strength. I was blown away by the campus tour. First is that feeling of space that you get – it’s bright, airy and very well put together. We were very happy to see the classrooms and bright colours. 

But I think what I was particularly very impressed with were the radio station and the culinary lab. To see a radio and TV station in place with all that equipment, that was just fabulous. I would definitely recommend GIIS to anyone considering a good global school.

What If GIIS Could Be the Best Decision You Make for Your Child’s Future?

With a perfectly balanced blend of high-quality teaching, academic rigour, modern technology and extracurricular activities, we impart moral values and make your child’s learning experiences richer, more meaningful and more impactful for their future. 

So, what else can you expect from GIIS?


Affordable Bilingual Programme for Grades 1-5

Through equal exposure to English and Mandarin Chinese, students become fluent in both languages. Our bilingual programme is aligned with the IB PYP and allows your child to not only broaden their horizons and develop cultural awareness but also gain an invaluable skill for success in a globalised, interconnected economy.


Positive School Atmosphere for Happier Students

We make it easy for new students to adjust to their new environment and become part of our global school community. From the vibrant campus and safe infrastructure to the friendly school ambience and positive student-teacher interactions, GIIS is a school where children are excited to go and spend most of their day.


Attractive Campus and State-of-the-Art Facilities

At GIIS, we keep pace with digital innovation and leverage our modern facilities to the fullest. Students learn in an environment where academics, core values and all-round development are thoughtfully woven into our core teaching methodology. That way, your child gains a future-proof education and becomes ready to face any challenge.


Open Communication With Parents

Mutual trust and respect are at the core of successful communication. This is why we strive to create a sense of open dialogue with parents before, during and after admissions. Whether you’re reaching out to a school staff member or teacher, or you simply wish to know more about your child’s progress at school, you can expect quick, prompt and easy communication with us.


6 Different Scholarships to Foster Student Success

With the support of Global Schools Foundation, we offer 6 different scholarships, ranging from 6% up to 85%, for financially deserving and meritorious students of Grades 1-12. We also recognise excellence outside of academics and award scholarships in different categories to give students the support and facilities needed to advance their potential in the most advanced learning hub in Singapore.

Experienced Teachers

Best-in-Class Teaching with Passionate Educators

GIIS has a strong and dedicated teaching faculty, with certified teachers for each of the international curricula offered, including CBSE, IB PYP, IGCSE, and IBDP. Along with our modern skill-based labs and interactive learning spaces, our exceptional teachers encourage students to be independent, and innovative and carve out their learning journey at GIIS.

Learn More About Your Child’s Exciting Learning Opportunities at GIIS

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Even if tomorrow we get to transfer to Malaysia or any other place, we know that GIIS is there.

  Ms Sharda P.



I'm very impressed with the teachers' warmth and passion for children at GIIS. Experienced Teachers

MiheeMs. Mihee Kwon