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 Scholarship opportunities for Students

Our scholarships recognise and reward merit in academics, sports, visual & performing arts, excellent scientific temperament, service-orientation or demonstration of extraordinary leadership skills. Means-based scholarships are also available for students requiring financial assistance.



Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship


Scholarship Value: Up to 80% off on tuition fee

Available Grades: 1-12

This scholarship extends financial support to students based on the family income level and the student's academic qualifications. It caters to a wide spectrum of income levels and makes education affordable for students from a range of backgrounds. 



Merit Scholarship


Scholarship Value: Up to 15% off on tuition fee

Available Grades: 1-12

This scholarship offers meritorious students an opportunity to study in Asia’s first SMART Campus. Academically distinguished students who receive this scholarship have easier access to their choice of universities worldwide.


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Global Skills Scholarship


Scholarship Value: Up to 20% off on tuition fee

Available Grades: 1-12

This merit-based scholarship is for students who exhibit exceptional scientific temperament and have achieved top ranks in competitions like Olympiad, National Children's Science Congress or similar STEM-based talent platforms.



Holistic Development Scholarship


Scholarship Value: Up to 60% off on tuition fee

Available Grades: 1-12

This scholarship is meant for students who have received national, international or regional recognition (including certain inter-school events) in sports, dance, music, art, drama, community service or demonstrate leadership success. 




Here's why GIIS is an international school of choice:



Guidance from Highly Qualified Educators

With 65% of our teachers holding Masters Degree and a substantial number of them having over 10 years of teaching experience, GIIS students receive quality guidance. Our hardworking and dedicated teachers contribute to excellent results by our students and a high acceptance rate in top universities across the world.



Benefit from International Curricula

GIIS is one of the few schools in Singapore where your child can benefit from 6 different international curricula, from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our students achieve a well-balanced education with perfect balance between academics and personality development.



NextGen Learning Facilities 

GIIS campuses are technologically advanced and offer a collaborative learning experience to students. State-of-the-art digital classrooms, more than 40 skills-based labs and studios like the Culinary Lab, Radio & TV Studio, Design and Technology Lab, Music and Dance studios empower students to experiment, hone their skills to stay ahead in our ever-changing world.



Multiple Scholarships Open for all Grades




Multiple Scholarships 

GIIS offers financial support for students under different categories. Students with achievements in academics,  sports and other extracurricular activities stand a high chance to qualify for scholarships.


Available for all Grades 

GIlS offers scholarships across all curricula and grades. Unlike many other schools that offer scholarships to only secondary grade students, at GIIS, deserving students can apply for a scholarship right from Grade 1.


Easy Application 

It is quick and easy to apply for any of our scholarships. Simply fill in necessary information in the scholarship application form and upload achievement documents that fulfil the criteria of the specific scholarship type. 

Many students have benefitted from GIIS Scholarships

Your child can be one of them!



“I was fortunate enough to be one among the top nine students from India to be selected as a GIIS Scholar. I had access to opportunities that I wouldn't have had access to otherwise. The IB education system was everything I ever dreamed of. It allowed me to explore wider prospects.”

Kanika Gakhar

Aerospace engineer with commendable accomplishments in NASA and SpaceX
Recipient of GIIS Scholarship

Hear from our Scholarship Recipients

"Great for Skill Development, International Exposure and Better Opportunities!" 


“GIIS Scholarships are a great platform for international exposure. The skills I developed at GIIS helped me build a great resume.”



- Kaveri Priya Putti

"GIIS' Scholarship helped me realise the potential within me and gave me a confidence boost. Of course, it also helped my family financially".


- Navaneeth Ramapurath



GIIS Students are placed in Top Universities Worldwide



We can guide your children to get into leading universities around the world. Our students have been placed in the top 50 universities across USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, India and South-East Asia.



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